GreenLand Expedition

Five adventurers skied across the Greenland Icecap from Kangerlussuaq to Isortoq, 565 km

May 2022

Mikael Strandberg

Explorer, filmmaker, journalist, photographer, motivational speaker, producer and director of documentaries, adventure, and travel guide

Peter wilson

Adventurer, long-range helicopter pilot, author,
and Guinness World Record Holder

James Ketchell

Global adventurer, speaker, author, pilot,
and Guinness World Record Holder

Milka Raulin

Mother, mountaineer, author, publisher, TV content producer, speaker. Youngest Polish woman to complete 7 Summits

Mikael mattsson

Exercise physiologist, adventurer, author, elite athlete, and
CEO of Svexa, an exercise intelligence company

Their journey track

Follow their route as they tackled the month-long journey.

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